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Fashion, colour and photograpy: the Majorelle garden

During the 1920s and 1930s, the French painter Jacques Majorelle designed and constructed an extraordinary botanical garden just outside of the centre of Marrakesh, with the help of a local ethnobotanist. The result is stunning! The son of an Art Nouveau artist, Jacques was fascinated by colours such as the very strong cobalt blue, which …

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Getting some fresh air at Ouzoud Falls

On Friday the 18th we took another daytrip with the guys from Sahara Desert Kingdom, this time to get some fresh air at Ouzoud Falls. The Ouzoud Falls are located about 150 km from Marrakech in the Middle Atlas. We had the privilege of having a private jeep with driver once again, which gave us …

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Day three: the Berber side of Morocco.

After an enchanting experience in fairytale Marrakech, we headed east on our third day in Morocco. This trip would take us far away from the city’s busy medina. We were picked up in the morning by Idir, our guide, and Mohammed, our driver, with their 10-year-old (but trustworthy and strong as a dinosaur, according to …