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Sardinian wildlife

Those who know us a bit, know we love animals. We have a small zoo at home, most people say… and when we travel, we love our portion of nature next to our portion of culture. So this next blogpost is about the wildlife in Sardegna. Flamingo’s The southern part of the island, especially the …

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Travelling Europe in wintertime

Last weekend I visited Gemünd, in the German Eifel region. While I was walking around town with my friend Shira, we noticed that it was so quiet there. Ofcourse, we added, nobody travels in winter around here. Everybody seems to want fun in the sun and doesn’t consider winter chills. And that’s a pitty. Because …

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Impressions of Firenze.

I wasn’t sure what title to give this account of our one-day walk through Firenze (Florence) in July 2013. We were merely passing by on our way back home (after visiting Sardegna) and the scorching heat (temperatures around 45°C, that’s around 113 degrees Fahrenheit) wasn’t really motivating us for long walks and intensive visits. We …