Following the SS125 – the Sarda Orientale

Road aligned with palmtrees, close to Olbia ferry port.

While we took you to some sites we visited along the way, and a quick detour in England & Belgium, our list of blogposts on Sardegna is not completed yet. Today we’re taking you on a little roadtrip on the Sarda Orientale, the route SS125.

This road runs along the eastern coastal area of the island, from Olbia in the North, all the way down to Cagliari in the South. When visiting the island, it’s a must-see, at least if you trust our opinion. Be sure to follow the old SS125. Because it takes a while to get from Olbia to Cagliari on this old road, they made a  newer version which runs a little more inland, but ofcourse isn’t half the fun the old route is.

We took out two days to do this route. On our first day we started off in Olbia and made our way south to Arbatax, where we camped overnight. Our second day took us from Arbatax to Cagliari, a magnificent city which we will show you in a later blogpost.


Quickly the scenery of the SS125 came into sight: mountains on the horizon!


We had just left Olbia and already loved what we saw…


Posada in the distance, with Castello della Fave on top. Probably worth a stop, if you have time!

Along the route there are many stops that are worth a visit. We didn’t do nearly all of them, because we simply didn’t have the time for it. You can easily travel along this route for a day or 4 and never get bored 🙂
First of all, when you are up in the North, take a look out for roadsigns that say “spagna”. This means beach, and it is worth a little detour and a stop on a beach or two. As all beaches in Sardegna are beautiful… you won’t be disappointed!
We chose to stop at ‘La Caletta’ near Posada. We parked in a little pineforest, thus dodging the parking fee the official parking area at the beach was asking. Every other Italian car seemed to be doing what we did, so we figured it was ok. We all loved it. It was the only beach on the island where we actually found some waves: great fun with Febe!


The pineforest where we left our car.


Entrance to the beach.


Not bad at all for our first beach on the island!

Catching the waves!

Catching the waves!

After this refreshing stop, we continued and headed into the mountains of the Gennargentu chain. We saw the temperature drop from 32°C to a refreshing 21°C on the highest point, and saw our first Sardegnan goats & sheep.
The road was winding in between a beautiful landsape, and there are numerous possibilities to stop along the road for some picture-taking.




Enjoying the view in the shade of a tree.


Our first flock of Sardegnan sheep.


The rough inland of this wonderful island.


Winding roads all around.


This was the road we were following.


Mountain goats!

After that it was time for our overnight stop. We choose a campsite near Arbatax, which was what we visited firstly on our second day. The water at the famous rocks was cristal clear, and local boys were diving in, snorkling and fishing. What a wonderfull place this must be to spend your childhood summers!


Red and blue… Marvelous!


Lovely red rocks in a cristal clear sea.


The view on the coastline is, as always in Sardegna, quite spectacular.


A lovely place to linger!

Afterwards, we drove the last part of this lovely road, finally arriving in Cagliari – the stunning capital of the island. We’ll treat you to a full blogpost on this lovely city later on, but here’s a sneak preview to get you in the mood… Enjoy!




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