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    Care plus water filter: your buddy for outdoor hikes!

    (picture source: bol.com) When we were planning for our trip in Sweden, we knew we would try to get a few really remote days in it: days where we would camp in the wild and be disconnected from it all. We planned a few hiking trips and a canoe trip. Having camped in the wild before, I knew that carrying water with you isn’t always that easy. It weighs a lot and you need a lot – especially in a warm & dry summer like we had in 2018. During my first long camping trip to Finland I used water purification tablets, to be able to drink water from natural…

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    48 hours in Stockholm

    During our Swedish roadtrip, we passed the capital Stockholm on our way to the middle of the country. We decided to explore Stockholm for two days, to get at least a taste of this magnificent city. In this blogpost we will give you our things to do in 48 hours Stockholm. We hope you find our tips usefull! Day 1 Start of your day on foot in Gamla Stan, the old historical neighbourhood. It has a fair share of important buildings, like the Royal Palace and the Parliament. Mostly, you’ll find cobbled streets, colourfull houses and cosy souvenir shops. Afterwards, pass the Royal Palace and head towards the water. You can…

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    Legoland Billund – Denmark

    When we set off on our roadtrip to Sweden, our sweet Febe turned 8 years old. We thought it would be a great idea to give her two days in Legoland Denmark as a birthday present. We needed a stop along the way to Sweden, and we could make it fit that she was there right on her birthday. It turned out to be a very fun two days for Febe and for us. We have visited quite some themeparks in Belgium and have been to Eurodisney last year. But we can say that nothing beats Legoland. Here’s why! 1. It’s huuuuge!  Although it’s only one park, unlike Eurodisney where…

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    Museum tip: the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences

    Today Annick had a meeting in Brussels. Since it’s a school holiday, Maarten & Febe decided to hop on the same train and visit one of the nicest museums in Belgium, the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences. A real mouthfull, but it’s worth a visit. Here’s why! It has the largest European museum hall dedicated to dinosaurs. If you are fascinated by dinosaurs, or simply want to find out more about how they lived, what they fed on or how they looked like, this museum is the place to be. Their large dinosaur hall is about 3000 m² big and the displayed skeletons are impressive (even if you’re not…

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    Disneyland Paris for beginners

    A visit to Disneyland Paris is a magical thing to do with your children. Even my husband, who is very sceptical about all things Disney, had to admit that the weekend we had there was absolutely fabulous. He even wants to go back when Febe is a little older 😉 With two theme parks, Disneyland and Movie studios, it is best to visit for more than one day. Even smaller children can get the a lot out of their visit. The biggest bonus for us was that Febe, who just reached 1m20, could go on every ride, apart from the Indiana Jones coaster. A lot of fast & serious rides for…

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    The 5 best travel apps

    A world without a smartphone has become unthinkable for most people. We are seriously addicted to our smartphones, and though I also enjoy a bit of offline time, having a smartphone with you when traveling can be a real plus. We have rounded up the most usefull travel apps for you. Journey I’ve always kept a travel journal, for as long as I can remember. If I don’t do it, I forget the name of the cosy restaurant we’ve had dinner in, I forgot what the local speciality is called or even which temple or historical ruïn we’ve visited. Sure, when you get back home it’s still quite fresh, but…

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    Gent – the veggie capital of Europe

    Gent is in many ways an innovative city. One of these ways is that the city has been supporting and promoting the consumption of less meat. Since 2009 the city supports “Donderdag Veggiedag”, meaning the active promotion of eating vegetarian for (at least) one day in a week. This also means that in all school restaurants and office buildings of the city of Gent no meat is served on Thursdays. This is an enormous step in reducing the consumption of meat and thus saving a little bit of our planet. Gent also has an enormous amount of veggie(friendly) and vegan(friendly) restaurants: 130 restaurants serve vegetarian food, 44 are veganfriendly and…

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    Good deed of the day: help a dragon!

    Have you ever helped out a dragon? We have! Today we helped out a very cute, little, red dragon find his glasses. His name is Fosfor, and somehow he lost them. If you download the (free!) Ojoo app on your smartphone, and then install the (free) game ‘Where are Fosfor the Dragon’s glasses’ (‘Draakje Fosfor’ in Dutch), you can help him out as well. And discover the beautiful city centre of Gent in the mean time 😉               You start the game at Veerleplein, near the tourist information centre. The game takes you on a walk of about 1,5h around the city and ends…

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    Inspirational travelquotes

    ‘Our’ travelquote – meaning this is the one we love the most! We both love reading and this one made sense right from the start!  Those of you who follow us on instagram have already noticed that over the past few weeks we’ve been sharing our 15 favourite travelquotes. This morning I posted the last one, so it was time to make a quick blogpost about it. I wonder what your favourite quote is! Comment below to share it with us 🙂  

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    How this works for us (travel planning)

    We call ourselves travel addicts. This, however, is not to be interpreted in the same way as for a lot of other travelers, who indulge in lifelong or, at least, years-long travel. We own a house, work dayjobs, have a wonderful little girl and quite a lot of pets. Given our reasonably high mortgage, travel is not a straightforward affaire for us. And I suppose this is true for a lot of people. However, this doesn’t mean it makes traveling impossible. What it needs is some travel planning. 1. Having clear priorities. For example, I tend to focus on UNESCO world heritage sites. This might seem to be limiting, but…