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Planning your Portugal trip

In this final blogpost we are listing a few practical tips when planning your trip to Portugal. Places to stay When we plan our travels, we always like to see where others (friends, family or bloggers) have been. It’s always best to have some kind of reference when you are planning your trip by yourself. …

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Our guide to The Algarve in 5 days

When we traveled to Portugal in the summer of 2020, the entire expedition wasn’t without restrictions and risks. The area around Lisbon had already become a red zone (as a result, we had to look for alternative accommodation) and a few days before we left Belgium, the Algarve also became a region of heightened alertness. …

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Portugal’s Atlantic coast

While our original plan for this summer was Sri Lanka, the COVID-19 pandemic forced us to change everything. We booked a trip to Portugal when numbers in Belgium were low and travel was allowed again. At first, we wanted to travel around the area of Lisbon and then head out to the Algarve. But Belgian …