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Today our entry for the traveling families is Manuel Lozano, who travels the world with his cute daughter Iris. They don’t have a blog, but can be found on Instagram. Here they are pictured sailing for the first time together! 

Names: Manuel & Iris Lozano
Happierdad on instagram

Full-time travelers or part-time travelers: Part time Travelers

Do you always take your kids along on your travels? I share custody with her mom 50/50 but I try and take her whenever I can and usually organize my big trips when I have her.  We support each other to make sure we both get to experience great travel adventures with Iris.

Why do you travel with your kids? I love seeing the world with her and the experience it brings both of us.  It’s a much different experience than traveling alone.  I think getting to see what she appreciates at every destination is priceless.

Best tip(s) to travel with children: Iris is 3 1/2 and i find that talking to her about the trip and what to expect in advance and before any travel legs really helps prepare her and makes the process smoother and gives us more to talk about.  Not that there is not enough already :0

Favourite destination for kids: Mexico has been a great destination.  We have been twice in the last year.  We loved Puerto Vallarta and Ixtapa. Both were really amazing destinations to share with her.

Place you wouldn’t take your kids to: I don’t think there is a place that I would travel to that I would not take Iris.

Favourite Unesco World Heritage site visited: La Fortaleza in Puerto Rico- My grandmother is buried near there. 🙂

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