Today I saw a tweet from @Wanderingtradr about the city of Jaffa, near the centre of Tel Aviv in Israel. He mentioned the fact that it is thought to be one of the oldest cities in the world. As I mentioned on our website – it somewhat surprised me that the old city of Jaffa, is not considered UNESCO World Heritage, while the modern architecture of the city is.

The old Jaffa is really beautiful, aligned next to the sea, with views of splendid water, glinstering in the sunlight through the old buildings. A little blogpost to take you there…

Just one of the many reasons to visit this country, indeed full of contrast.

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  1. […] it. I explored Israel back in 2007. I covered quite a few sights of the country: Tel Aviv & Jaffa, Jerusalem, Caesarea, Akko & the Baha’ï temple, Lake Galilea, Rosh Haniqra and the Dead […]

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