Winter wonderland

Gent - the three towers

Gent – the three towers

Last Friday, when we drove home from work, it started snowing. We haven’t had much of a winter yet, but now the days are longing, King Winter decided to hop on by.

I’ve been struggling the whole of last week on my bike, with harsh temperatures ranging from -6°C to -9°C, and this night a freezing -15°C is predicted.

Although the bitter cold is not my cup of tea, I always get childly enthousiastic when I see snow. I just have to go outside. See it. Hear the missing of sounds – I’m always fascinated by the way everything sounds different when it has snowed. Touch it.

I’ve always had this, ever since I was a little girl. The pictures I’m about to show you were taken in 2004, when I still lived right in the very center of Gent. It started snowing the night before and I set my alarm clock at 6 a.m. – I believe it was on a Saturday- just to be one of the first to see Gent in all it’s winter beauty. Enjoy!


Old post building

View on the Meat House

Castle of Counts

River Leie – St. Michiels Church in he back right.


St. Nicholas church

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