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In a series of interviews we will present you with traveling families from all over the world. They will share their traveltips with you. To start of with, we decided to answer our own questions…

NamesAnnick, Maarten & Febe
Blog: blog.ourworldheritage.be

Full-time travelers or part-time travelers: parttime travelers. We both have a job in education, meaning we can travel quite a lot if budget allows it.

Do you always take your kids along on your travels? Yes, we do. Since Febe was born, we have never traveled without her. We wouldn’t want it otherwise.

Why do you travel with your kids? We think it’s the best way to show her the world and open her mind. We consider it a vital part of her education.

Best tip(s) to travel with children: always make sure there is some kind of playtime for your kid(s) involved. That can mean booking accommodation with a swimming pool or playground nearby, or develop something fun for your kid to do. For example, make a photo quest with city landmarks you’re passing by or let them search for the arrows on your hiking trail. Try to add fun things for kids to your trip. Plan a visit to an outdoor water playground, go to the beach or visit a zoo. Give your kid a camera: they love taking pictures and it can occupy them during an otherwise more boring part of the trip. Slow down on your trip and follow the rhytm of your kid.

Favourite destination for kids: citytrips. In a city there are so many things to see and to do that it is easy to entertain your kids. Most parents are afraid to take their little ones to a city, but we say: go for it! Febe absolutely loved Amsterdam, Firenze, Düsseldorf, Berlin, Koblenz, Trier, Ljubljana and Marrakech.

Place you wouldn’t take your kids to: malaria and dengue zones (not untill she’s old enough to cope with the medication and in worst case, the disease) and war zones (for obvious reasons).

Favourite Unesco World Heritage site visited: the medina of Marrakech. We loved the atmosphere in the whole city. Marrakech is really something different: the smells, the people, the busy souks with motorcycles, bicycles, pedestrians, donkey carts all at the same time, the colourfull spices, … The whole country is well worth a visit actually: it’s one of our travel highlights!



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