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Like most of the traveling families, I got to know Tiffany Vaughn through Instagram. This sweet mum of 5 travels happy with all of them. Today she shares her travel tips with us! 

Names: Travis, Tiffany, Jade, Danny, Cole, Austin & Jazzy
Blog: Contributor at

Full-time travelers or part-time travelers: part-time travelers. I’m not quite brave enough to home school my older kids but I do pull them out of their public school for trips quite often. Dad travels for work and the rest of the family tags along if he’s going somewhere fun.

Do you always take your kids along on your travels? We do not. With 5 kids, airfare can get expensive. Kids are invited only in the trip is within driving distance or we have enough airline points to cover the cost of their flight.

Why do you travel with your kids? I read once that never leaving your hometown was like only reading one chapter of a book. We love to read and explore! The world is full of diverse landscapes, cultures, and creations and I want to experience all of it with my favorite people by my side.

Best tip(s) to travel with children: Be flexible. Schedules have to revolve around happy kids because when they start to get grouchy, everyone stops having fun. Take lots of play breaks, bring a variety of snacks, and make contingency plans.

Favourite destination for kids: This changes, but right now it’s places with lots of outdoors to explore. My 3 boys are at a rambunctious age where they like to run and climb so places like Joshua Tree National Park in California are perfect. I do prefer a nice hotel to camping, though.

Place you wouldn’t take your kids to: Even through we only live a couple hours away, I won’t take my kids to the Grand Canyon until they get older because I’m scared of them falling off the edge.

Favourite Unesco World Heritage site visited: Yellowstone National Park

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