China Light Zoo

The zoo in Antwerpen is the oldest zoo of Belgium. In 2014 they celebrated the holidays the Chinese way: with a light festival. We decided to check it out and didn’t regret it. A big part of the zoo is illuminated with all kinds of animals, making it a light festival both adults and children can enjoy.

This year, China Light Festival is returning to the Zoo of Antwerpen. Below you can find an impression of what you can expect. We are keen to go again!

2014-12-23 18.38.16
2014-12-23 18.38.30
2014-12-23 18.51.10
2014-12-23 19.15.36
2014-12-23 19.18.40
2014-12-23 19.30.39
2014-12-23 19.33.51
2014-12-23 19.37.03

We entered at 18.00, when the festival opens, because we wanted to get back at a decent hour for Febe. If you are not going with small children, I would advise to go a bit later to avoid the crowd at the opening. It’s best to book your tickets in advance, because in 2014 it has been sold out a couple of times. The China Light Zoo runs between 3/12/2016 and 15/01/2017. Tickets can be bought on this page.

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