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    Traveling families: globetotting.com

    Katja and Victoria run globetotting.com, a blog about adventurous family travel. I fell in love with their Instagram account and love to read about their travels. Since these two friends run the blog together, they are both sharing their traveltips today. Victoria Westmacott Full-time travelers or part-time travelers: part-time Do you always take your kids along on your travels? Yes, always! I love the idea of the occasional kid-free holiday too but have never been able to make that work logistically. Why do you travel with your kids? I’ve always loved travel and wouldn’t want to stop travelling just because I have children. Which is just as well really because…

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    Antarctica (5): The Antarctic Peninsula and finally some sampling!

    In our previous blog post about this 2016-2017 Antarctic research expedition on the German RV Polarstern, we were stranded in the ice near Neumayer Station II, at the eastern side of the Weddell Sea. After delivering some important provisions to the residents of the base, we could finally leave the area and navigated towards the Antarctic Peninsula in the west. This is where all the main research activities were planned: observations of whales and other large marine mammals, sea bottom imaging with an ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle), releasing and retrieving fish traps for trophic (feeding) analysis and sampling of benthic (bottom) fauna. Our main goal was to reach the Larsen B area, originally a region…

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    Antarctica (4): on the ice!

    I am a lucky man, in more than one sense, and I love the life I’m living. I am so lucky that I can live it with my fantastic wife and daughter and travel the world with them. Travel has given us so much joy and long-lasting memories. However, I must admit I personally have also been given quite a few unique travel opportunities in the past. I used to work as a marine biologist at Ghent University (Belgium). When I started working at the Marine Biology research group, I somehow managed to find one of the most exotic subjects for my master’s thesis and PhD: coral reefs, both in cold-water and tropical…

  • Happierdad - traveling families
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    Traveling families: happierdad

    Today our entry for the traveling families is Manuel Lozano, who travels the world with his cute daughter Iris. They don’t have a blog, but can be found on Instagram. Here they are pictured sailing for the first time together!  Names: Manuel & Iris Lozano Happierdad on instagram Full-time travelers or part-time travelers: Part time Travelers Do you always take your kids along on your travels? I share custody with her mom 50/50 but I try and take her whenever I can and usually organize my big trips when I have her.  We support each other to make sure we both get to experience great travel adventures with Iris. Why do you travel…

  • Traveling families: Gessell and Lee
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    Traveling families: Gessell and Lee

    In our traveling families series we present you with Gessell & Lee today. I also ‘know’ this family through the pictures of Gessell on instagram. With the hashtag #havebabystilltravel she makes her point very clear in the description 😉 Names: Gessell, Lee & L Blog: www.gessellandlee.com Full-time travelers or part-time travelers: Currently part time travelers. We would love to make it full time if the opportunity were to arise while L is still young. Do you always take your kids along on your travels? Yes! Since L was born we couldn’t imagine traveling anywhere without her. Why do you travel with your kids? It’s probably cliché but honestly, it’s because we want to give L opportunities…

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    A weekend away in The Veluwe (The Netherlands).

    These last weeks have been very busy and stressful for me. For a teacher, the end of May is a period of making new exams, correcting lots of tests and assignments and reading your students’ theses. This means working long nights, all work and no play. And this for 3-4 weeks. Now that this period has come to an end, things are finally slowing down again. But we really needed to get away for a few days and have some family quality time. A few days ago, Annick was searching the internet for cycling trips with a parent-kid tandem bike. It’s an activity that’s on her personal bucket list and Febe has also been asking about it for…

  • Traveling families: the Wyld family.
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    Traveling families: the Wyld family

    This Australian family travels the world with their children. On Instagram they caught my eye with their beautiful gallery full of travel images – and I am very happy that they are one  of the traveling families willing to share their traveltips with us. Names:  Mark, Bec, Willow and marley Blog:  www.wyldfamilytravel.com Full-time travelers or part-time travelers: Part time travelers a few months a year, plus day trips and weekends in our area of Australia. Do you always take your kids along on your travels? Yes, always. They love traveling just as much as us. I could only imagine the looks of horror on their faces if we said we were heading off without…

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    The Dead Sea versus the Red Sea

    The Dead Sea is situated 417 m below sealevel.  While the political climate of Israel makes it a less obvious destination, I can assure you that you will want to go and explore this beautiful country when you’ve seen our blogposts about it. I explored Israel back in 2007. I covered quite a few sights of the country: Tel Aviv & Jaffa, Jerusalem, Caesarea, Akko & the Baha’ï temple, Lake Galilea, Rosh Haniqra and the Dead & Red Sea. I’ll take you through all these sites in the next few blogposts. Today, we’ll start with some water adventures: floating in the Dead Sea and snorkeling in the Red Sea. The Dead…

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    Jo Jacks family

    Another great family share their traveltips with you on the blog today. They are currently living in the Middle East, which means there’s a lot of desert on their Instagram timeline – something that always catches my eye, since I love deserts! Names: Jo and the Jo Jacks Family Blog: http://jo-jacks.com/ Full-time travelers or part-time travelers: Part-time.  We are currently living in the Middle East as expats.  We have had many opportunities to travel while living abroad or by tagging along on my husband’s business trips. Do you always take your kids along on your travels?  Almost always – I can count a few precious days when my husband and I…