Winter wonderland

It’s the holiday season, and nothing says Christmas more than snow. But King Winter doesn’t always provide a magical white blanket to indulge yourself in. Sometimes you have to go out and seek it…

Back in 2002 I spent New Years in Austria, on my first – and last – skiing holiday.

I didn’t really enjoy the skiing part. We were staying in a small ski-resort (mistake 1), and I didn’t take lessons (mistake 2). So for a beginner like me, there was only one little part to practice on… and it was the part where all the other slopes got together, resulting in great skiers wooshing down all sides of you while you were struggling to stay upright… Oh, and did I mention I had thé most fashionable outfit on the slopes? 😉

 The whole week resulted in me never wanting to go on skiis ever again. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the holiday. The scenery was fabulous – certainly for a snow- and naturelover like I am.

Going on a true winter holiday is still on my bucket travellist. Not exactly one where I would need to go skiing (although, I might want to give it another go, but with professional lessons this time though!), but certainly one where I can practice all other kinds of wintersports: winter walking, snowmobile, open air ice skating, sledhound riding, …

I’d probably pick Northern Europe to explore King Winter a bit more – although, I must admit: those mountains in Central Europe do provide some excellent backgrounds!

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