Capturing Gent by night

Lately I’ve been dragging my camera along pretty much the whole time. Lucky for me, I have a Canon Powershot A640 – so it’s pretty compact 😉
I’ve always liked taking pictures, but got really addicted when I got my smartphone a couple of years ago. Suddenly I had a camera on me all the time. But that smartphone is getting a bit older, and when I try to use the camera now, he just reboots. And reboots. And reboots. And I missed having that camera on me…

A couple of weeks ago I decided to just take my Powershot along with me. It’s a little less flexible than a flat phone to pop out, but I get by. Since then I’ve mainly been practicing on sunsets and night photography, because those are the times I’m mostly outside in wintertime. This blogpost will show you some pics I took in Gent on my way to work, and today, when Maarten, Febe & me visited the Christmas market around the three towers.

Hope you enjoy them! Share your thoughts through a comment 🙂



The meathouse in the morning.


Korenlei in the morning.


Belfry in the morning. The Belfry is Unesco World Heritage.


Coupure in the morning.


Christmas market around the three towers.


Graslei & Korenlei, viewed from the St. Michielsbridge.


The Giant Wheel & our Belfry.


Gerard de Duivelsteen.

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  1. Patti Bradfield says:

    Loved your shots. Just got the Iphone Max for shooting on trip to Ghent and all over.
    Looks like you were an early riser to get that great shot in early morning.

    Glad I found your blog.

    1. ourworldheritagebe says:

      Yes, the shot was taken on my way to work. I used to start at 7.50 in the morning 😉 How did you like Ghent?

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