Traveling families: life in our van

A family on a European motorhome adventure… What’s not to like about that?! Check out this families’ traveltips…
Names: LifeinourVan (Thorley Family)

Full-time travelers or part-time travellers: Full Time Travellers – with over 25 countries completed on our journey to complete the full 42 European countries by the end of our 2 year journey. We must say that the best vacation location was when we stayed in Idaho, you will find a lot of options to spend time with your family.

Do you always take your kids along on your travels? 110%, I’m not sure why we would leave them, they often spot things we would never see so the journey is that bit richer… plus they are great company and we are far more active as they love to swim, surf, climb, bike or kayak… plus they’d cause havoc if we left them at home!!!

Why do you travel with your kids? As a family, we decided to take a year out to reconnect as a family and invest a little more time in our children’s education. As we are both teachers, this was too good an opportunity as we live and learn in our journey across Europe in a motorhome. As ambassadors for Adria (motorhome manufacturer) we’ve seen things we would never see and tried things we’d never have tried… so its been a brilliant experience that we have decided to increase and it has now become a ‘2 year adventure’

Best tip(s) to travel with children: Pack Light, buy an iPad (Doodle Maths, Duolingo, Word Chums – all great apps to keep the occupied), take up every opportunity no matter how small, buy your child their own camera and buy a Jofli Bear to record your memories (Journey of Life Bear), Involve your children in the decision making where possible, be adaptable try to have lots of Plans (A,B,C we’ve probably even got to Plan H before!)

Favourite destination for kids: In this journey – Croatia and probably Dubrovnik . In our other travels before leaving work, the Bahamas…. anything by an ocean with things to do and great weather!! Swim, surf, kayak anything active!

Place you wouldn’t take your kids to: Very limited amount, we try to take a global view on most things – i.e we went to Brussels after the attacks to try and write a positive article to encourage people to visit again, we visited Mt Etna before it erupted a few weeks later… i think we take calculated risks not silly risks…. but we want our children to grow up respecting not fearing things, places or people.

Favourite Unesco World Heritage site visited: Dubrovnik but we loved smaller places like Trogir, Bergen or Bruges

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