Our final day in Denmark

For our last day in this Viking country we decided to keep it calm. We have done a lot of exploring the last week. Today was for sleeping in, a relaxed breakfast, the clean-up of the house and… a wildernis bath.
Along with the sauna, there is a wooden tub in the garden here. One you have to heat up with a stove, in which you make a fire with wood. As you can see, there was still some snow in the bath when we arrived.


So, while our little girl let out the artist in herself and I was making a meatloaf for on the road tomorrow, my dear husband started preparing the tub.


After a while our bath was ready to go! It needed about 1,5 hours of filling up and about 3 hours of heating. When ready, the water was deliciously warm. At least, for the upper half of the tub. The trick was not to stir to much when getting in & out Knipogende emoticon




Sitting outside in the cold air, in a hot tub, listening to the birds whistle… it was the perfect ending of a very nice holiday. Untill the next time, Viking country Glimlach


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