Surviving a 1017km ride in the car

For this worldheritage trip we decided to rent a cottage in Sjaelland, the island on which Copenhagen is situated. We wanted it to be as low cost as possible, so we decided to do the drive in one go.
Since we both are absolute nightmares in driving at night, we started off at 6 A.M. this morning. Or well, that was the plan. We actually set off at 6.50. You know how it goes. You NEVER make it as planned 😉

But how do you survive a 1000 km drive with an active toddler & a nervous dog in the backseat?

A few simple do’s & dont’s…

1. Make sure you numb the toddler by providing a portable DVD player with all her favourite cartoons. She won’t even notice the nervous dog next to her…


2. Provide plenty of stops for either letting the dog out for a stroll, or feeding the toddler.



3. Never take the Easter Bunnies chocolate with you in the car. After a couple of hours it really does’t look that great anymore. Trust me.


4. Make sure you enjoy simple things on the road. Make the cranes in ports you pass interesting, spot birds along the way (we saw a massive amount of Common Crane birds today) and be delighted if you cross massive bridges. Certainly at the price of 235DKK (about €30). But it is a nice bridge though…


5. When arriving at your cottage after a long days drive, make sure you have easy food with you. You really don’t want to search for shops and make a complicated dinner the first night.


6. Before you relax, take in some fresh air. Certainly if your cottage is situated at about 100m from a fjord. You’ll sleep so much better afterwards!






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